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I am pleased to be able to offer the following advisory support, training, and interventions to support children and young people, staff, parents and carers. The main aim being to help children and young people manage their own behaviour.

  1. Functional assessment of challenging behaviour observing and measuring frequency and context
  1. Observation and analysis of behaviour in key settings such as the playground and/or unstructured time to assist schools in developing strategies to reduce inappropriate behaviour
  1. Individual intervention programmes with children /young people to facilitate the development of emotional well being
  1. Direct individual work where it is part of an IEP or personal targets linked to a child’s statement objectives
  1. Group work for emotionally vulnerable children

Some of the children or young people in your settings may present with the following:

  • BESD Behavioural Emotional and Social Difficulties
  • ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • ADHD Attention  Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
  • ODD Oppositional Defiance Disorder
  • OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • SPLD including Dyslexia /Dyscalculia
  • SLCN Speech Language Communication Needs
  • MLD Moderate Learning Difficulties
  • GLD General Learning Difficulties
  • Attachment Disorder
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Selective Elective Mutism
  • Syndromes …Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

With my support and advice I can assist you in ensuring that all children and young people can be included; the main aim being to narrow the gap.

I can offer support and training in the following areas

  • Children with attachment issues
  • Children suffering from trauma
  • Children with toileting issues
  • Children who have temper tantrums, self harm, are over weight, need to control, have anxiety issues, sensory issues, low self –esteem
  • Circle time sessions
  • Why Try
  • Circle of Friends
  • Anger management /self regulation
  • Social skills training

Training is available for teachers, support staff, parents /carers and social workers

  • Identifying children who have additional needs in your classroom…. who are they?.....how do you know?....what are the signs….what do you do?.... how do you differentiate your curriculum
  • Children who present with challenging behaviour….. strategies to manage their behaviour from early years to year 11
  • Children with ASD /sensory issues how to adapt your teaching and classroom environment to accommodate their difficulties
  • The use of the Boxall Profile a framework for observations to assess areas of difficulty along a developmental continuum, indicating social and emotional need/SEBD checklist to target SMART IEPS
  • Children with ADHD /ODD/Conduct Disorder…..Executive function disorder what this means in your classroom how to manage them
  • Dyspraxia/Dysgraphia  and their hidden difficulties/Ten minute a day programme
  • Setting up and running a nurture group Key stage 1-4
  • Anger Management /Self- regulation …. strategies and programmes to support children with these difficulties
  • How to help children access the curriculum /Children with low self esteem …how to adapt your teaching …differentiation
  • Children with selective elective mutism…..questions and answer session….resources….
  • Whole school and classroom behaviour management
  • Sensible solutions to changing children’s behaviour the ABC way
  • Lunchtime supervision/welfare training
  • Provision mapping
  • Learning Styles and the creative curriculum
  • Target setting writing SMART targets for IEP’s
  • Contribution to Annual Reviews

The packages could be delivered in the following ways

  • One off packages
  • Weekly buy back for a set number of weeks
  • Twilights
  • 1/2 day courses
  • Full day courses delivered in your school setting
  • Cluster training with local schools

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the above packages

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

My passion is enabling children to recognise their own potential and hidden talents …planting the seeds and watching them grow.



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