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Training at Whitworth High School Wednesday 20th June 2018

Understanding the behavioural challenges of the children you teach.
Focusing on the roots of their problems….in order to map a positive way forward.

  • Amazing…thanks!
  • Helpful reminder
  • Very informative..x3
  • It makes you think..
  • Made me think about certain students and how I can be with certain classes
  • Very interesting , informative and helpful
  • I enjoyed the window of tolerance work
  • Informative thought provoking, will adapt strategies thanks
  • Inspiring..
  • Interesting and thought provoking x 5
  • Useful tips and ideas
  • Fascinating
  • Psychologically demonstrative
  • Really informative
  • Interesting



Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools Training Session
Wednesday 22nd November 2017 Lakeside Hotel Cumbria

  • So enthusiastic-excellent delivery; can’t wait to look at the additional resources!
  • Lots of resources, very informative
  • Outstanding!
  • Useful information and access to resources
  • Lots to feedback to staff!
  • Very useful and interesting thanks
  • Direction on where to go to get assistance…good overview thanks
  • Good information, practical much needed to do list to present in school
  • Lots of ideas and resources to take back into school
  • Great session, loads of resources info and contacts to signpost too! Thanks!
  • Clear understanding of mental health,
  • Useful diagnostic questionnaires
  • Very useful for attachment advice-thanks
  • Excellent websites to refer to
  • Helpful and approachable
  • Good strategies
  • Great resources
  • Fantastic!
  • Opened our eyes as to how much of a problem Mental Health is in Cumbria
  • Lots of fabulous ideas

Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools Training Session
Wednesday 15th November 2017
North Lakes Hotel Penrith

    • A really great morning that all school staff would benefit from
    • A very informative morning with great ideas to take back to staff. Thanks
    • A very interesting morning. Lots of info and ideas. It would be great for all staff at school to hear your messages.
    • Very good- informative and ideas to take back to school
    • Very informative presentation!
    • A lot of useful information and resources to take back to school.
    • Great morning presentation. Really useful info and thought provoking!
    • Really interesting presentation. Will be implementing some of these points when I return to school


Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools SENDCo Cluster Trainin Tuesday 7th November 2017

    • “Eye opening!”
    • Thought Provoking…..x6
    • "How can I make a change in our school?”
    • “inspiring!” x2
    • “Informative …entertaining to!”
    • “Hindsight is a wonderful thing!”
    • "Helpful guidance!”
    • “Enlightening…my starting point is the staff!”


Park Primary School Colne

Understanding why children behave the way they do, a nurturing and positive way forward.

16 Delegates Attended

Rating 1 poor 4 excellent

Did you find the training interesting? 4 100%

Useful and easy to understand?

4 100%
  • Well presented, very helpful. Thank you

  • As always the training was great. Thanks Janette

  • Very helpful eye opening at times, certainly useful in helping understand and support the children I work with.

  • Need a full day with all staff.

  • Very interesting could have listened all day.

  • Super would have liked to have more time on this.


St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School Preston

Understanding why children behave the way they do, a nurturing and positive way forward.

10 Delegates Attended

Rating 1 poor 4 excellent

Did you find the training interesting? 4 100%

Useful and easy to understand?

4 100%
  • Very interesting and useful, would like more time

  • Enjoyed the training, very beneficial in helping us understand the children we work with

  • Clear and helpful

  • Could be a full day

  • It has been a great opportunity to learn something more by myself. Thank you

  • Very useful. Would of liked more time

  • So much to discuss from the session that I would have liked more time.

  • Helpful lots of ideas.

  • Fascinating content.

Inset 4th October 2016
Lytham St Anne’s Technology and Performing Arts College

Ideas for when working with students in the classroom who have an Autistic Spectrum Condition a positive way forward.

  • Very informative and helpful advice to support our pupils better as a whole school. Great presentation.
  • I have learnt so much, thank you. My brain is bursting with ideas and things I can change to help me better support my students.
  • Lots of fantastic information. I look forward to reading the hand-outs. Thank you so much-this will really help me in my role.
  • I really enjoyed the presentation.
  • Some useful info and tips.
  • Very informative and useful information, it made me think I’m doing ok.
  • Made me think more about being in my students shoes, seeing and experiencing the lesson from a different perspective.
  • Empowered me to be more self-confident and go with my gut instincts, when I feel the need to ‘protect’ the students from the problems in class.
  • Really focused me to be more aware of our students with both attachment issues and autism.

St Mary Magdalen’s Penwortham Preston
Inset 2nd September 2016

Session 1
Understanding and teaching children in your school with an Autistic Spectrum Condition
The way forward!

Session 2
Dyspraxia & Dysgraphia
A short introduction to the
10 minute a day
Motor Skills Programme.

Very impressed at the presentations

Reminded me again of some things I'd heard years ago but forgotten. Lots of great ideas to choose from. Thank youBoth presentations were fabulous and informative, perfect balance of information and positive direction. Thank you.Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and suggesting great strategies to support our children.
Made me think and made me want to be a better teacher/parent/person!
Opened doorways in my mind, as to how these children think/act when they have concerns and needs-very helpful.
Thank you lots of thorough background and explanation
Great top tips
Very informative presented in an easily digestible way
A fascinating insight
Thought provoking
Well presented
Good ideas to put into practise
A really good overview

Thank you it has helped me to understand how I could have better understood a couple of my children in my class last year. You have given me ideas that will support the whole class and benefit everyone more in charge of their emotional literacy.
Great ideas to develop all children in a fun way, so as not to differentiate and segregate.
Brilliant very informative, really appreciate all the resources too!
Great ideas /strategies for helping those children who struggle to cope with learning in a conventional way.


Understanding why children behave the way they do…the way forward
Rating 1 poor 4 excellent

Unity College

Did you find the training interesting? 4
Was it useful?  4
Was the content easy to understand?  4
Was the training session paced appropriately? 4

What were the best things about the course?
I found the course very interesting and it has changed the way I approach certain situations with pupils who have SEN…Adam.
The course was very well organised and flowed very well. The video clips that were used were very relevant to the topic and definitely made me think. Janette clearly has a very in-depth knowledge of the subject…Lisa Mayhew.
I really enjoyed the course, it was so interesting. Like above I approach certain situations differently. I found the course very helpful…Stacey.
The course was Fantastic! I found the part on the brain development really interesting. I even went home and watched the clips again! Thank you very much…Layla.
Fantastic!! So interesting and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I thought the training was very informative and gave me many ideas to use in the classroom and with different students and their situations.
I enjoyed the course which was extremely relevant. I would have liked a little more time…Anna.
A fantastic course. Very informative and thought provoking. It has helped me understand a lot and I now approach some situations differently and more successfully.
It opened my eyes to the problems that students have gone through and what students are still experiencing. I learnt a lot of useful tactics which I will be putting into effect.
Very informative and interesting. I enjoyed the course and will use some of the suggestions and techniques Janette gave.
A most interesting course and I personally learnt a lot and hope to use the techniques that we were shown.


Understanding why children behave the way they do…the way forward
Rating 1 poor 4 excellent

Cop Lane

Did you find the training interesting? 4
Was it useful?  4
Was the content easy to understand?  4
Was the training session paced appropriately? 4

What were the best things about the course?
A really detailed course.
Highlighting consequences of poor attachment.
Useful information to use in a future event at the school or at home with my own children.
The whole content was so interesting and has really made me thank.
Strategies available to aid different types of behaviour.
A very interesting insight to why children may behave like they do. Useful strategies for dealing with behaviour and the ability to apply it to other young people.
Opening your mind to solutions and how to look at behaviour.
Excellent tips for all pupils.
Information and reassuring that I have done things right when I have worked with children with SEN (5 tears experience) Also thinking about my parenting.
Very organised. I am able to relate to the children within school.
Considering our own Cop Lane children and how they fit into these “behaviours”.
The understanding of how to cope with each individual child.
Looking at things from a different point of view.

Any other comments?
Very informative course from a very experienced leader
Very emotional honest course


Understanding why children behave the way they do…the way forward
Rating 1 poor 4 excellent

Sir John Thursby

Did you find the training interesting? 4
Was it useful?  4
Was the content easy to understand?  4
Was the training session paced appropriately? 4

What were the best things about the course?
Making links to the children in school.
Learning how a child’s early years has such an impact on how they behave in later years.
Insight into behaviour patterns and solutions.
Advise about strategies to use on children with specific needs within school.
Understanding why children do these things and often they don’t realise. Finding out reasons behind certain behaviour.
Relating to own experiences to begin to understand the children. How what happens specifically affects certain development areas.
Behaviour is communication! Very powerful in terms of the emotions behind behaviour.
Being able to talk about real life cases.
The video about the mother and baby; the facial expressions.
Understanding the Biological factors of behaviour.

Any other comments?
Very interesting – going home to hug my daughters! Thanks.
Thank you for your time and sharing your experience.
Thank you for all of the very useful information J
So helpful and eye opening.
Super course!
Very informative, lots to think about and use within school.


Understanding why children behave the way they do…the way forward
Rating 1 poor 4 excellent

Blessed Trinity

Did you find the training interesting? 4
Was it useful?  4
Was the content easy to understand?  4
Was the training session paced appropriately? 4

What were the best things about the course?
Made me think about all the other Students in school who are probably displaying behaviour for similar reasons.
 I was able to relate to lots of pupils in school.
Understanding children’s underlying needs. What behaviour Strategies to implement and how to scaffold. Attachment theories.
Really opened my eyes as to what some pupils have had to experience.
Behaviour strategies and tips and also learning to be aware of yourself.
Learning, understanding previous experiences that lead to present state.
The background information. It made me think more about why behaviour is as it is.
Very easy to understand, all problems seem to have a simple solution.
The video clips, contents and presentation.
Ideas to manage difficulties
Theoretical reasons for behaviour.

Any other comments?
More sessions – whole school.
Longer sessions.
Very interesting, enjoyable and informative.
Brilliant !
Really enjoyed it.
Well done very personal and informative


'The advice, support and range of strategies provided and modelled by Janette Wallis over many years have been absolutely invaluable to our school. Staff have the utmost respect for Janette’s knowledge and vast experience of children with additional needs, confidently and regularly turning to her as an expert in this field. The impact of her work within the school is measurable in terms of ‘No exclusions’, effective Nurture Provision, Positive Behaviour Management Strategies and an extensive tool kit employed by staff to address a full range of needs. Our provision has been massively enhanced by Janette’s contributions.’

Eileen McNamara - Headteacher Leyland St Mary's Primary School 23/04/2013

3 x 2 hour twilight sessions recently delivered to 35 staff at ACERS Swindon Street Burnley


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Oppositional Defiance Disorder/Executive Function Disorder


Understanding Attachment why it is so important…The use of the Boxall Profile to help you understand the needs of the children in your setting.


Disaffected Disengaged, unmotivated...Children with additional needs in your classroom the way forward!


FEEDBACK from the 35 staff attending the sessions.

  • Teaching a child is like doing a jigsaw without the box , Janette draws you the picture for you to complete the quest!
  • Janette presents in an engaging and real way! Very enjoyable!!
  • Fantastic! Thank you really informative!
  • Great interactive presentations that gave insight into the specific pupils we have. Tony Smith teacher
  • Very informative and thought provoking! Des Grant teacher
  • Really enjoyable sessions, time passed very quickly
  • Insightful and knowledgeable.  Delivered with a real relevance to our setting and our pupils
  • Excellent sessions I will really benefit whilst on my teacher training.
  • Presented in ways we could understand, humorous and relevant.
  • Will spread the word!!
  • It was extremely informative, engaging and to the point. Explained thoroughly and well.
  • It really helps that you know about our students and relate things specifically to individual students. Thank you the training was fab!
  • I found all the presentations very interesting ta very much!
  • I really enjoyed the session’s thank you very much!

Inset delivered on Tuesday 3rd September at Leyland St Mary’s


Attachment and why it is so important.
The use of the Boxall Profile as an assessment tool.

Feedback from 15 staff attended

  • I wish you would join our staff!! Your wisdom and wealth of expertise makes you an invaluable source of support for our staff and children. Thank you. Head Teacher
  • Very well presented! having completed attachment courses previously this was explained in a very clear way and easy to understand.
  • Janette was very clear on how to use the Boxall Profile in order to support children in their holistic development.
  • The presentations were really useful and I picked up some good ideas to use in my classroom.
  • I feel confident after this course to go forward and bring the best out of our children, whatever their best is!
  • Interesting, informative and captivating. Thank you
  • This makes me realise even more why I am in the job Thank you.

Wednesday 4th September - Hapton C of E Methodist School


15 staff
Attachment and why it is so important
The use of the Boxall Profile  as an assessment tool.

All staff scored the
Content      Excellent
Presentation  Excellent
Usefulness    Excellent

Thanks Janette, you are so knowledgeable, I could listen to you all day. This was a fab start to the new term!

Janette you are brilliant, an inspiration to us all! Thank you





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